Usb Stick Music Album


We sell music album on these usb stick up to 3 Albums at one time can fit on one stick. Choose which option you require 1 2 3 Albums on Usb Stick then select which Albums you want to purchase

Included on usb Stick will all other album cover a video of one Emmanuel Anebsa songs and more.

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You can purchase up to 3 albums on one usb Stick with Logo and Box has in photos could way to have our music
All music formats are wavs for best quality.When you place your order state what Albums you require on Usb Stick

1 Album £10 Uk pounds
2 Albums £20 Uk pounds
3 Albums £30 UK pounds

Additional information

Usb Sticks Variation

1 album on usb stick'', ''2 album on usb stick'', ''3 albums on usb stick'', ''


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