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U Gotta Believe double Album Vinyl Classic first album record in 2000 from Emmanuel Anebsa who artist name was Wilks at the time

Recorded in Jamaica with Earl Chinna Smith and Chris Meredith RIP.The album is written produced and performed by Emmanuel Anebsa,

This is a classic groove of UK Jamaican Hiphop Conscious he swore on this album and never swore on a album after that well not until his Daughters were Grown up.

60 Second flow Chorus written by Emmanuel then 5 year old daughter Takiyah.

Track List

Side A


2.Yow my name is Wilks

3.One Day

4.I am A Nigger

Side B

5.I know That

6.Live for the Better

7.Lord o Lord

8.Can I Say

Side C

9.Real kinda Stuff

10.That’s why I hold Up my hands and pray

11.I feel it Everyday

12.We gotta Stick Together

Side D

13.U gotta Believe

14.Psalm 27

15.Yow my name is Wilks dub



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