Listening to music in my dad’s cafe

Always loved listening to music in my dad’s cafe The Black and White Cafe in St Pauls Bristol where I was born.We come from the UK ghetto life Jamaican moving from Jamaica for a better life in the 60s.We have our culture Ska Rock Steady Reggae Dub I was lucky to grow up in the 70s and 80s around sound system and the real roots culture.Coming from the ghetto we listened to the best music no matter which genre Reggae, Funk, Soul, Dub, Ghetto people had the best music.Sound tapes from Jamaica and Hiphop Tapes from WBLS and Kiss Fm from New York City I was lucky to be around and listening to the best music.I had music master teaching me about all the different style has all of the people came to my dad’s are with there tapes.

Playing Drums

Carlton Williams gave me a drum set thankyou brother and I had it upstairs in my dad’s cafe.I convinced my dad that I should have drum lesson so a man African man called Charlie used to come to the cafe and teach me how to play the drums.Charlie was a lead guitarist but he could play drums also.Charlie could also moon walk very well to I remember him dancing.Playing the drums and getting connected tot he music the feeling of being in the music was freedom.I came from a tough life my fathers cafe was a rough environment for a child so the drums was a great escape but the feeling of being one with the music is what hooked me to me I just thought about it has I was writing this paragraph.

Watching Wildstyle Grand Master Flash

About 12 years old seen Wild Style that changed my vibe to music mainly listening to dub music cause that is what I was brought up on.This music from America was hot and funky new mixing music with turntables was a new thing I loved and got some decks sl 1200 mk1? Realistic Mix and I was away we ll at first I used to mix on my dad’s double decks he had for the cafe.I learnt about drum breaks and funk and rap and hiphop and old music that was funky.I did not dance or draw well but I loved music and the beat and the music the melody it was freeing to my soul.I listen funk for the 80s 70s I love the beat the sounds were different the music was happy positive light for the mind at that time.

Introduced to Akai s950

I was just on my way to Jamaica for 3 months to stay in the country with my dad who was living in Jamaica at the time.A friend called me Jason Geak to attend his house he had some music stuff to show me.I never forget the smell of the new sampler and Atari 1040st with Roland keyboard JX3P.He showed me you could sample the drum break and loop it and make your own beat.I was amazed love it was like I want one now.I bought my equipment on my return from Jamaica America and my music life was started.Production Writing Songs

Playing Guitar the Journey has begun.