Seven Saints St Pauls

I add this because it is true

Michelle Curtis is a Talented Artist very Talented and I still love her cause she is my sister and will always be my sister but she painted the wrong faces on the wall with no research and from her opinion that was not good one day we will speak you are my sister and will always be.

This is Michelle Curtis she created a false narrative about St Pauls with The Bristol City Council who paid her to paint a lie

Michelle Curtis does even come from St Pauls and she paints the lie

I think in my heart this is such a wicked wicked act against the truth of St Pauls where I was Born and grow all my life.

I was brought up

So I don’t think you can tell me about St Pauls Michelle Curtis

This is how they spread false history the people who live there know this is a lie Seven Saints of St Pauls it is a lide paid for by White Supremacy.

Just like how black people sold black people to white people

they sell us out to the master it is normal.

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