Emmanuel Anebsa – Singer  Songwriter Producer



Emmanuel Anebsa Singer Songwriter Producer Wontstop Records

Has recorded 37 albums to date and numerous single on Wontstop Records

Emmanuel Anebsa Singer Songwriter Producer Born in St Pauls Bristol UK,Emmanuel Anebsa founded Wontstop Records in St Pauls Bristol in 1998,Producing 37 Albums to date .Emmanuel Anebsa has worked with many artist over the years, from Jamaica and Uk Paris Germany.

Artist from Jamaica include some of the best conscious music makers Junior Kelly, Turbulence, Determine,Jah Mason, Earl Chinna Smith Anthony B Doniki,Israel Voice To name a few

The reason is simple, to fight for the suffers, which I am one. I come from the Black & White Cafe that was in St. Pauls Bristol. My dad owned the cafe and I grew up in this cafe, so my eyes were filled with this life. Being born a Mettice child mixed with Black and White, my mum being English my father being Jamaican, I was different. I was aware of my surroundings and what it meant, it meant I came from a Rough Hard place, where the people would fight the police. My dad’s cafe was the centre of my life.

In 1980 there was a riot in St. Pauls at my dad’s cafe the Black and white and it was an uprising that I witnessed has I child, my life was a fight from the start Police police police. We were free for a while to do what we wanted in St. Pauls, then came Coke powder. It did not effect my people at this stage, but after they started to wash it and when it was rock ”CRACK” it took it’s toll.And mashed up my whole community St Pauls Bristol Bs2 8xf Uk

Music is what i use to express my life my pressure which is your pressure also has it is universal Babylon Pressure.

Love is the key for us all music can brings us has one even if we have different creeds and nationalities